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Mallorca Olympic – Colonia Sant Jordi

General Rules

13 General Rules
In the case of anyone under 18 years of age, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) and/or accompanying adult(s) to ensure that the child understands these rules and that the child’s equipment, clothing, etc. is suitable, maintained, correctly prepared and used.

13.1 Competitors must exercise sound, mature judgment, carry out all reasonable instructions from officials and obey the laws of the land.

13.2 Competitors must follow instructions given by the police and event marshalls. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and may lead to disciplinary action by the Balearic Triathlon Federation. The police have the right to stop the event if they are unable to ensure the safety of the event.

13.3 Competitors are ultimately responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others.

13.4 Competitors must take responsibility for knowing the rules and abiding by them.

13.5 It is the competitor’s responsibility to be properly prepared for an event and to ensure that their equipment is suitable and fit for its intended purpose.

13.6 It is the competitor’s responsibility to know and correctly complete the full course of the event.

13.7 Triathlon is individual endurance events. Any teamwork that provides unfair advantage over other competitors is expressly forbidden. Drafting on the bike course is allowed.

13.8 No competitor shall be permitted to continue racing who, in the opinion of any race official, is physically incapable of continuing without sustaining physical damage or loss of life.

14 Race Conduct

14.1 Competitors must conduct themselves in a proper manner and not bring the sport into disrepute.

14.2 All other competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators must be treated with respect and courtesy.

14.3 Threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct are not permitted and competitors may be disqualified for using such.

14.4 All competitors must wear any official swim cap, bib or numbers provided by the race organiser. These must be worn unaltered and be both visible and/or readable at all times.

14.5 Competitors must be adequately clothed at all times, the minimum being a one or two piece non-transparent swim suit together with a cycling or running top if appropriate. All competitors must ensure that their upper body (especially the chest area) is clothed during the cycling and running sections of the event.

14.6 Race equipment must not be discarded at any point on the course but must be placed in the athlete’s allotted position in transition – see Penalties.

14.7 No individual support by vehicle, bicycle or on foot is permitted except as provided by the organisers. Competitors may not receive any assistance other than that provided by the race organisers.

14.8 Parents/Guardians/Accompanying adults: Failure by a parent/guardian/accompanying adult to carry out instructions from officials, or failure to conduct themselves in a proper manner may lead to disqualification of the competitor and/or disciplinary action against the
competitor by the Balearic Triathlon Federation. Misconduct by a parent/guardian/accompanying adult may include, but is not limited to:
• threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct
• failure to obey marshals/officials instructions
• handing water bottles or any other equipment to, or collecting them from competitors
• tampering with the equipment of others
• unsporting impedance

15 Transition Areas

15.1 In order to avoid accidents, safeguard equipment and protect personal possessions, athletes must not bring helpers, friends or family members into any transition area.

15.2 Pets are not permitted in the transition area.

15.3 Equipment must be PLACED in its allotted position and not where it may hinder the progress of other competitors. Equipment that is discarded will be regarded as a hindrance and a time penalty may be issued – see Penalties.

15.4 Cycles must be placed in their correct allotted position both at the start & finish of the cycle section. Cycles should be racked by either the seat pin or by the handlebars/brake levers unless other arrangements are provided. Cycles which are incorrectly racked may be determined as being an impedance to other athletes – see Penalties

15.5 Competitors must mount their cycles and start riding only when the parts of both wheels which touch the ground are outside the transition area (i.e. at or beyond the officially designated cycle start).

15.6 When returning to transition competitors must dismount their cycle before any part of the cycle leaves the 3m dismount zone, which should be clearly marked before the end of the cycle course. They may then walk or run with their bike to its allocated position.

15.7 Competitors must not interfere with another competitor’s equipment in the transition area.

15.8 Competitors must not use any device to mark their position in transition. Any device or marker will be removed by the referee but if this is not possible a penalty will be applied – see Penalties.

15.9 Competitors are responsible for their own belongings in the transition area.

16 Race Numbers

16.1 Race numbers provided by the organiser must not be altered, cut down, folded or in any way mutilated. Numbers so treated will result in a time penalty to the competitor if the offence is not corrected.
16.2 Race numbers must be affixed to the competitor’s clothing or to a suitable race belt or bib so that the number is clearly visible at all times.

16.3 During the swimming phase race numbers will NOT be worn. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any triathletes wearing race numbers during the swimming phase.

16.4 During the cycling phase a number must be displayed to the rear.

16.5 During the running phase a number must be displayed to the front.

16.6 Additional body marking may be provided by the organiser but this is not a substitute for, or replacement of, an official race number.

17 Swim Conduct

17.1 Competitors may stand, or rest on the bottom, or on a non-moving object, but may not gain unfair advantage or make progress, other than is deemed necessary to execute entry into and exit from the designated swimming course by doing so. In shallow waters, an exact point when swimming must commence and may cease shall be appointed and marked.

17.2 Competitors shall at all times swim so that they do not deliberately obstruct or interfere with other competitors. Making contact other than by accident shall be declared unsporting impedance.

17.3 Race organisers may set a time limit for the swimming section.

17.4 At the end of the specified time limit any competitor still in the water shall be ordered to retire. Competitors refusing to retire will not be insured to continue racing and may be subject to disciplinary action.

18 Cycle Conduct

18.1 Every competitor must ensure that his or her cycle is in a safe and roadworthy condition and conforms to the technical specifications laid down by Balearic Triathlon Federation. This is a drafting race and so time trial bikes will NOT be allowed, Tri Bars and Aero bars will NOT be allowed and wheels must have at least 12 spokes.

18.2 During the event, competitors are individually responsible for the repair of their machines.

18.3 Where a competitor is preceded or followed for any length of time, or frequently passed, by the same motor vehicle not provided by the organisers, that vehicle shall be considered as being associated with the competitor and to be giving support.

18.4 Any part of the cycle course may be covered on foot but on these occasions the competitors must carry or push their own machines.

18.5 All competitors must follow any instructions given by the Police. Any infringement of the law and subsequent legal action is the sole responsibility of the competitor.

18.6 Competitors shall at all times cycle so that they do not deliberately obstruct or interfere with other competitors. Making contact other than by accident shall be declared unsporting impedance.

18.7 Helmets must be fastened before the competitor’s cycle is moved from its allotted place in the transition area and must remain fastened until the cycle is returned to this position at the end of the cycle section of the race. Failure to do so may result in a time penalty – see Penalties.

18.8 Competitors will discard their used water bottles and other waste in the designated Drop Zone, located just after the water station at the lighthouse turn point on the bike course. Discarded material anywhere else on the course can incur a penalty.

19 Pacing/Drafting

19.1 Competitors are allowed to draft. Women are NOT ALLOWED to draft on men. Men are NOT ALLOWED to draft on women. See rule 18.1 above.

20 Running Conduct

20.1 No form of locomotion other than running or walking is permitted.

20.2 Competitors shall, at all times, run so that they do not deliberately obstruct or interfere with other competitors. Making contact other than by accident shall be declared unsporting impedance.

20.3 Competitors will discard their used water bottles and other waste in the designated Drop Zone, located just after the water station on the running loop. Discarded material anywhere else on the course can incur a penalty.

21 Penalties

21.1 Competitors may only be penalised by readily identifiable race referees.

21.2 All infringements are to be reported to the senior race referee who will have the responsibility of posting penalties.

21.3 Penalties may be issued or disqualifications given at any time up to the announcement of the final results.

21.4 The following penalties will be imposed for infringements.

RED CARD: Disqualification
a. Threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct
b. Breaking road traffic regulations
c. Dangerous conduct/riding
d. Diving (but see Swim Conduct, section 17)
e. Failing to obey marshals or the Police
f. Nudity
g. Outside assistance
h. Tampering with the equipment of others
i. Unsporting impedance – including but not limited to incorrectly racked bikes, discarded equipment and the use of marking devices which impede others
j. Course irregularities (unless the competitor returns to the point at which he/she left the course, or a point on the course prior to it, and then completes the course)
k. Breach of conduct by parent/guardian/accompanying adult

RED CARD: Disqualification If Fault Not Rectified After A Warning
m. Illegal equipment (swim, cycle or run equipment)
n. Banned equipment including, but not limited to, mobile telephones, MP3 players and personal stereos
o. Illegal progress (during swim, cycle or run)
p. Racing topless

BLUE CARD: 5 Minute Penalty might include but is not limited to the following:
q. Helmet violations (unclipping helmet whilst in contact with the cycle)
r. Number violations (not able to be altered after a warning)
s. Riding in the transition area
t. Markers in transition that cannot be removed but do not impede the progress of others
If a competitor is given a blue card, on the swim or bike, they must wait for 5 minutes in the penalty box, which is at the entrance to T2, the transition between the bike and the run. If a competitor is given a blue card on the run, 5 minutes will be added to their finish time.

YELLOW CARD: STOP START. Minor infringements.
If a competitor is given a yellow card, they must come to a complete stop, then continue.

Any competitor that receives 3 cards will be disqualified.

• The race referee may issue discretionary penalties for infringements not
listed above
• Penalties will be posted as soon as they are available, on the penalty board, by the senior
referee. The penalty board will be provided by the race organiser and placed at an agreed
position with easy access for competitors e.g.near transition or next to the results display

22 Appeals

22.1 An appeal is a request for a review of a decision made by a referee

22.2 Appeals cannot be made against “judgment calls” by officials. Judgement calls include, but are not limited to, dangerous riding and unsporting conduct

22.3 Appeals must be made in writing to the race referee within one hour of a penalty being posted and be accompanied by a fee of 15.00 Euros refundable if the appeal is upheld

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