event terms & conditions

It is important that you read and agree to the following before entering the Mallorca Triathlon.

  1. I accept that this event is conducted under the rules and conditions of the Balearic Triathlon Federation and I agree to acquaint myself with, and abide by those rules and any instructions issued by the organiser.
  2. I declare that I am fit to take part in this event, and I understand that I take part entirely at my own risk and relieve the organiser of any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained to either my person or my property as a result of my participation.
  3. I confirm that on the day of the race I will inform the organisers of any medical conditions that I have which could be relevant at registration and to the medical team.
  4. If the entrant is under 18, then a parent or guardian must have agreed to their participation.  By entering the event, either the parent or guardian is confirming their agreement.
  5. If you are entering a relay team then all team members must have agreed to the above waiver and you are confirming this on their behalf.
  6. The organizers reserve the right to change the routes, timetables where there is cause to do so.
  7. All photos taken by the organization, including photos of the athletes participating in the race, during the event, may be used to promote this and future editions of the Mallorca Olympic Triathlon.
  8. DRAFTING IS PERMITTED IN THIS RACE.  This means NO TIME TRIAL BIKES, NO TRI BARS or AERO BARS and wheels have to have at least 12 spokes. Disc brakes are allowed.
  9. Race numbers may be worn during the swim.
  10. Wetsuits cannot be unzipped past the chest.
  11. EVERYTHING must be placed in the baskets in the transition area. No items of kit can be left on the ground. So put your running shoes on top of your wetsuit.
  12. The drop zone for water bottles and other waste will be in force just after each water or feed stations. Any waste thrown outside these zones will incur a penalty.
  13. Yellow Card means the athlete will incur a 1 minute penalty in the penalty box. A BLUE card on the swim or bike means the competitor must wait for 5 minutes in the penalty box. A blue card on the run will incur a 5 minute penalty on the finish time. A RED card is an immediate disqualification. Any competitor that receives 3 cards will be disqualified.
  14. The race organisers are not liable for the loss or damage of personal items in the tranisition area.

Mallorca Olympic Registration