Olympic Distance Race

The event will be a 1.5km swim, 38km bike and 9.3km run.

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The marshalling area and start of the race will be on the beach next to the small harbour in the beach town of Colònia Sant Jordi.

The swim will be alongside the beautiful beaches of Es Carbò, then follow the railings and carpet up into the transition area, which will be the main car park next to the harbour. The transition area will be completely sealed off and secure for the duration of the race.

Follow the marshalls and railings through the exit and onto the bike course. As the roads will be closed, the course will be easy to follow, but for a complete map, click into the bike section above. This will be a fast, flat course with long straights and gentle curves. You may not notice, but it is a very picturesque ride.

You will be guided back into the transition area and then the run will take you through part of the town and then onto the sea front, where you will have a fast run alongside the coast, looking across to the island of Cabrera.

The finish will be on the palm tree lined pedestrian area on the beach front by the harbour. Congratulations, you made it! Now enjoy paelle party at the finish!

Photo by: ©JamesMitchell